Korea Investment & Securities, which received the Financial Services Commission Chairman’s Award, is the first Korean securities company to introduce a service that allows investors to invest in over 1,000 stocks, ETFs, and REITs listed on the U.S. stock exchange by dividing them into fractional units of less than one share, greatly improving the convenience of individual investors . points were scored high. Even decimal stocks are collected one by one and converted to general stocks after one share or more, enabling real-time trading in the US regular market, free market, and after market. In addition, various US stock information was provided to suggest stable investment methods. The artificial intelligence research service ‘AIR’ analyzes company-related information and major news with an AI-based analysis engine and provides them in the form of daily and weekly reports.

Mirae Asset Securities, which was selected for the Financial Supervisory Service Award, introduced a minority stock trading service, and this service was recognized as an innovative investment method enough to be designated as an innovative financial service by the Financial Services Commission. The domestic stock fractional unit trading service is a method of splitting and issuing one intact stock (Wonju) into several beneficiary certificates, so that stocks can be split and bought and sold in fractional units, and investor orders are transmitted to the exchange every 10 minutes. Adopted and implemented an environment close to real-time trading.

The US stock day market service is a US stock trading service that is traded through an alternative exchange (BOATS, Blue Ocean ATS) approved by FINRA (US Financial Industry Regulatory Agency), not a regular exchange. It is possible to trade for up to 21 hours and 15 minutes a day during (10:00 am to 17:15 pm based on summer time cancellation), allowing office workers to trade US stocks even during the day, opening the era of 24-hour domestic and international stock trading.


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