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Unlock Extended Trading Hours with Blue Ocean Technologies

Watch the Video in Japanese, Chinese (Mandarin) & Korean.


Redefining US Trading Hours

We provide global clients with more hours to trade via our Blue Ocean Session. Global clients can trade US National Market System stocks between 8:00 pm and 4:00 am ET, (Sunday – Thursday).

The Blue Ocean Session provides electronic access for global clients to trade US stocks at a time that is more convenient for many of them; the service also offers data.

Blue Ocean Technologies’ subsidiary, Blue Ocean ATS, LLC, the operator of the alternative trading system, Blue Ocean ATS (“BOATS”), uses electronic order-delivery and live data to provide an “exchange-like” experience for global investors.  Blue Ocean Technologies is bridging the eight hour time gap in US equities trading.

Our Vision

A Market Center Like No Other

Empower global investors to better manage their holdings in US stocks by providing unique data and technology solutions which expand their access to new opportunities.

Trade at a More Convenient Time


Our mission to expand trading hours stems from our innovative approach to move away from the legacy “New York only” trading time, so you can trade at your convenience. 

We want to revolutionize trading with our Blue Ocean Session to enable you to trade whenever you want. We fill the gap overnight to trade continuously throughout US evening hours empowering you to meet your trading strategies.

Our Clients & Partners

We serve global investors, institutional and retail, via US broker dealers who are eligible to subscribe to our ATS.

Ask your US broker dealer to subscribe to BOATS today.

Learn more.

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“The CSE shares Blue Ocean Technologies' (BOT) vision of using technology to improve investor's trading access and we are proud to have invested in their vision. BOT's trading services for evening and overnight trading in North America are truly innovative and fill a long-time market void."

Richard Carleton

CEO of the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE)

“Blue Ocean Technologies's ATS provides a great opportunity to broaden Asia Pacific-North American securities trading while evolving global market structure. Urbana is proud to have partnered with the BOT team including trading and fintech experts."

Thomas S. Caldwell

C.M., Chairman, Urbana Corp.

Transform US Trading to Global Trading