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Frequently Asked Questions


Have a look at list of our most popular frequently asked questions & answers:

Blue Ocean Technologies (BOT) is a fintech company focused on providing after hours trading and data solutions to global investors. It was founded by trading industry veterans in 2016 with the vision of evolving market structure to make trading more accessible for all investors after traditional US eastern time trading hours.

BOT created an alternative trading system (ATS), Blue Ocean ATS to match buy/sell orders of US National Market System (NMS) stocks during US overnight hours, from 8:00 PM ET – 4:00 AM ET (Sunday – Thursday).

Blue Ocean Technologies is the parent company of Blue Ocean ATS, LLC, a registered US broker dealer, and the operator of the Blue Ocean alternative trading system (“BOATS”). Blue Ocean ATS, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Blue Ocean Technologies, LLC.

BOATS is an alternative trading system (ATS) for matching orders in US National Market System (NMS) stocks. BOATS is fully electronic and transparent. Subscribers to the ATS have access to the live, actionable quotes displayed on the ATS.

The core offering is the Blue Ocean Session, which operates overnight in the US from 8:00 PM ET- 4:00 AM ET (Sunday-Thursday).  It operates only on those calendar days when the NYSE Trade Report Facility (TRF) is open for reporting the following morning.

For example, when operating from Sunday evening at 8:00 PM to 4:00 AM ET Monday morning, the trades executed during that session will be reported to the NYSE TRF no later than 8:15 AM ET that same Monday morning.

Alternatively, the ATS does not open at 8:00 PM ET on Friday evening, because the NYSE TRF is not available for the reporting of trades on Saturday.

Subscribers must be US broker dealers registered with the SEC and a member of at least one US self-regulatory organization (SRO).

If you are not a US broker dealer, you may access the ATS via a US broker dealer who is a Subscriber. Retail investors, institutional investors, and foreign financial institutions should reach out to their preferred US brokerage firm and request access to Blue Ocean ATS.

All US National Market System (NMS) stocks are eligible to trade on the ATS.

NMS stocks include ETFs (exchange traded funds), single-name stocks (i.e., stocks of individual companies) and ADRs (American Depositary Receipts).

Currently, a select group of leading ETFs is trading on BOATS. In the near future, the company expects to expand the list of available ETFs and add single-name stocks and ADRs.

Blue Ocean ATS only accepts limit day (session) orders. Limit orders entered during the Blue Ocean Session will only remain in force during that session – orders do not carry over to the next Blue Ocean Session.

Yes, the process is the same and no new technology/protocol is required:

  • Stocks are the same NMS stocks
  • Technology: BOATS is FIX 4.2 compatible (Financial Information eXchange)
  • Settlement and Clearing: clearing firm, NSCC and DTCC
  • Trade reporting: in accordance with FINRA guidance (NYSE TRF and FINRA CAT)

We provide subscribers with full depth-of-quote data, which can be delivered directly or in conjunction with Subscribers’ third-party data vendors. During the Blue Ocean Session, all trading information (order entry, executions, cancellations, etc.) are delivered electronically via FIX messaging.

Only US broker dealers are eligible to subscribe directly to BOATS.  All others, US broker dealers who are not Subscribers, non-US broker dealers, institutional and retail clients and foreign financial institutions must connect to the ATS via an eligible US broker dealer Subscriber – please contact our team to inquire about how you can access BOATS.

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