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Connectivity & Data


The Blue Ocean platform is actively growing and focused on diversifying points of entry.

Blue Ocean ATS is trading approximately 13,000 NMS stocks and ETFs.


Connect with us today directly via FIX or via our connectivity partners:

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Our Client and Partner 9

Trading Partners & Market Data

Today we are providing overnight market data information to a diverse set up broker dealers that include global retail customers, global market makers and high frequency customers.

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“The CSE shares Blue Ocean Technologies' (BOT) vision of using technology to improve investor's trading access and we are proud to have invested in their vision. BOT's trading services for evening and overnight trading in North America are truly innovative and fill a long-time market void."

Richard Carleton

CEO of the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE)

“Blue Ocean Technologies's ATS provides a great opportunity to broaden Asia Pacific-North American securities trading while evolving global market structure. Urbana is proud to have partnered with the BOT team including trading and fintech experts."

Thomas S. Caldwell

C.M., Chairman, Urbana Corp.

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