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Lighting Up the US Stock Market Overnight

Blue Ocean ATS, LLC is a US broker dealer which operates the alternative trading system BOATS.

Our trading platform replicates the US day time trading experience:
electronic access, dynamic and transparent price discovery (live data), the same regulatory reporting requirements, and the same clearing and settlement process.

We help close the risk management gap overnight. The Blue Ocean Session overlaps significantly with Asia Pacific business hours – a more convenient time to trade for many investors.

Global Equities Trading Redefined

We are changing market structure to benefit all global traders in all time zones. RISK never sleeps and it is time to evolve market structure to account for this reality.

Who We Serve

US Broker Dealers
Who Subscribe Directly

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Institutional, Retail and Foreign Investors via US Broker Dealer Subscribers

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Blue Ocean ATS Delivers Convenience & Normal Business Hours for Overseas Investors

Are you an Asian-Pacific based trader or investor looking to trade US stocks during your daytime hours?

Trade US National Market System stocks listed on US national securities exchanges during your time zone.

The US capital markets are of global appeal and for years Asian investors have had to conform to US trading hours.

BOATS eliminates the inconvenience factor and aligns with core Asian trading operations and business hours (09:00 – 17:00 HKT) to support US equity trading needs of investors throughout the Asia Pacific region. Learn more how to connect to start benefiting from our hours to bring you access to the US capital markets:

Transform US Trading to Global Trading