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Corporate Fact Sheet


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Transforming US Trading to Global Trading


Blue Ocean Technologies, LLC is a unique capital markets fintech company connecting global investors during US overnight trading hours. Blue Ocean Technologies’ US broker dealer subsidiary, Blue Ocean ATS, LLC, operates Blue Ocean Alternative Trading System (BOATS), which offers afterhours trading of US National Market System (NMS) stocks via its flagship service, Blue Ocean Session from 8:00 pm to 4:00 am ET from Sunday – Thursday. 

Blue Ocean ATS, LLC is a FINRA member and an SEC registered broker dealer. Through BOATS and Blue Ocean Session, it provides access and transparency for global investors to trade US stocks at a time when the US markets are otherwise closed. 

Blue Ocean ATS currently serves US broker dealer subscribers and others in all time zones across the US and globally.




Founded in 2016 by financial services, exchange and trading industry veterans, the Founders of Blue Ocean Technologies (BOT) established the broker dealer subsidiary Blue Ocean ATS to build the trading platform BOATS and launch Blue Ocean Session to provide greater transparency and liquidity to trade US stocks at a time more convenient for many global investors. Their primary goal was to develop an electronic, exchange-like, trading platform to fill the US overnight trading gap. BOATS’ Blue Ocean Session went live in June 2021.

In 2021, Urbana Investments became a strategic investor in Blue Ocean Technologies strengthening our ability to deliver our services to global investors.


The goal is to make trading possible through the night while empowering investors during non-traditional hours. The vision is to move away from legacy “New York only” trading time and provide a seamless trading environment at unconventional times. Blue Ocean ATS enables trading in US stocks at a time that is more convenient for many investors around the world, particularly for investors located in Asia-Pacific, as the Blue Ocean Session aligns seamlessly with the Asia-Pacific business timeframe. Blue Ocean Session fills the overnight trading gap, enabling trading during times previously unattainable making trading possible outside US ET norms.

The US stock market is critically important to investors around the world and Blue Ocean Technologies is a global pioneer providing global trading access and data to investors. The goal is to continue to evolve and expand its offering of trading solutions and tools to further enhance its premier service, Blue Ocean Session

Our Offering:

By providing access to trade US equities via Blue Ocean ATS, we are filling the eight-hour gap in the US equity trading day and providing global investors, particularly investors located in the Asia-Pacific region, access to the US capital markets in a way never realized before.

Blue Ocean ATS provides endless opportunities for investors in US equities, with trading, settlement and clearing emulating the daytime experience. 

Blue Ocean Session provides:

  • Trading of US National Market System stocks from 8:00 pm – 4:00 am ET
  • Dynamic and transparent price discovery
  • Substantial available liquidity with growing transactional activity
  • Market Data – full depth of book data available
  • Live, actionable Bid/Offer quotes
  • Connectivity via FIX 4.2 (integration with OMS, EMS and networks)

Our Clients:

Blue Ocean Technologies through its subsidiary, Blue Ocean ATS, currently serves US broker dealers who are eligible to subscribe directly to BOATS, our trading platform. We also serve institutional, retail and foreign financial institutions via US broker-dealer subscribers. International brokers can access Blue Ocean Session through US sponsored access brokers or their own US broker dealer subsidiaries.

Transform US Trading to Global Trading