Major domestic securities companies are busy catching Seohak ants (domestic investors who invest in foreign stocks). This is because the overseas stock market still has the potential to expand customers compared to the domestic stock market, which is already saturated. As the exclusive contract between Samsung Securities and the U.S. Alternative Stock Exchange (ATS) expired this year, securities companies are scrambling to launch weekly trading services for U.S. stocks, raising their energies in the overseas stock market. The big pie called ‘overseas stock’ entered a ‘sharing’ competition.

Differentiation of time slots and lower fees make competition ‘heated’

The US stock weekly trading service is provided through partnerships between domestic securities companies and the US alternative exchange ‘Blue Ocean’. Blue Ocean is an alternative exchange that has been approved for night trading by the US Financial Industry Regulatory Agency (FINRA) and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

In the past, Samsung Securities had monopolized the market by signing an exclusive contract with Blue Ocean, the U.S. alternative exchange (ATS). These securities companies are trying to attract Seohak ants by offering different time zones as well as holding commission reduction events.


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