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Our primary goal is to light-up the US Stock Market overnight

We pride ourselves with being the first fintech organization to develop a trading system dedicated to servicing you in a fully transparent after hours trading environment.

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The Blue Ocean Session is our premier service - offering the longest period of time for trading US stocks in a fully electronic and transparent manner.
  • Trade US National Market System stocks from 8:00 pm – 4:00 am ET (Sunday – Thursday)
    • Dynamic and transparent price discovery
    • Substantial available liquidity with growing transactional activity
    • Market Data – full depth of book data available
    • Live, actionable Bid/Offer quotes
    • Connectivity via FIX 4.2 (integration with OMS, EMS and networks)
    • Endless opportunities for all Investors

Expand the window of opportunity for deploying current or future trading strategies given the significant overlap of the Blue Ocean Session with Asia Pacific business hours - a time that is more convenient for many investors around the world

Transform US Trading to Global Trading