Brian Hyndman, CEO at Blue Ocean Technologies, discusses his company, overnight trading, and his outlook for electronic trading platforms.

Mick Mulroy, former CIA paramilitary officer and co-founder of the Lobo Institute, joins to discuss the latest on the war in Israel and what a potential ground invasion could look like, and also discusses American diplomacy.

Ed Ludlow, host of Bloomberg Technology, joins to talk about slowing Apple iPhone sales in China. Michael Weisz, CEO and president at Yieldstreet, discusses market response to geopolitical uncertainty and his outlook for the year.

Bobby Ghosh, editor with Bloomberg Opinion, joins to discuss the war between Israel and Hamas, options for the people of Gaza, and Egypt’s potential role.

Kati Penney, Head of Corporate Transactions Practice at Cross Country Consulting, joins to discuss public offerings this year amid increased cost of capital, the latest Birkenstock IPO and its broader impact, and how it could all be affected by a government shutdown.

Hosted by Paul Sweeney and Matt Miller.

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