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Press Coverage

Markets Media: Blue Ocean ATS Plans to Extend Hours

Blue Ocean ATS, which launched in October last year for overnight trading of US stocks, is planning to extend its hours of operation into the pre-trade session and after-hours trading in 2023. “700 million shares

Business First AM: 24-Hour Trading Trend

The Future of Trading is Mobile. CEO Brian Hyndman sat down with Angela Miles from Business First AM to discuss Millennial Trading Trends, and why 24-hour trading is so appealing. They talked about trading by

JLN: Brian Hyndman’s Path To Electronic Trading Began Early

CEO Brian Hyndman was interviewed by John Lothian News for The Path to Electronic Trading video series, to discuss the course of his career that led him to electronic trading. "Brian Hyndman wanted to be

Equities News: Why 24-Hour Trading Is Here To Stay

While the concept of 24-hour trading has been around for some time, it's only recently that a true overnight solution for trading stocks has emerged. Equities News spoke with CEO Brian Hyndman to talk about

Benzinga: Blue Ocean Technologies’ CEO Says 24-Hour Stock Trading Is Coming

Ahead of its annual Global Fintech Awards event, Benzinga is highlighting brands it feels are making an impact. They sat down with Blue Ocean Technologies' CEO Brian Hyndman to talk about 24 hour trading. The discussion

Reuters: Samsung, Blue Ocean launch U.S. stock trading during South Korean business hours

As highlighted by our President, Brian Hyndman, "This is the first time in the history of the U.S. markets where Asia Pacific investors, and Korean investors, are going to have the ability to trade U.S.

Traders Magazine: Blue Ocean ATS Fills US Overnight Trading Gap

Brian Hyndman, President and COO of Blue Ocean Technologies, spoke with Traders Magazine about how Blue Ocean ATS is filling the US Overnight Trading Gap. “Blue Ocean Session provides greater transparency and liquidity to trade

TabbFORUM: The Evolution of Afterhours Trading for Both US & Asian Investors & Why It Matters Today

The Evolution of Afterhours Trading for Both US & Asian Investors & Why It Matters Today Trading U.S. stocks is gaining worldwide appeal, particularly in the Asia-Pacific region, where Blue Ocean ATS has begun operation

TD Ameritrade Network: Blue Ocean Technologies 360 Spotlight

Brian Hyndman, President and COO of Blue Ocean Technologies, gives an overview of the company, as featured on TD Ameritrade Network's 360 Spotlight. Watch the full video

Bloomberg: Overnight Traders Get Access to Bitcoin ETF on Blue Ocean System

Investors who are looking to trade Bitcoin ETF outside of regular U.S. market hours can now do so on Blue Ocean Technologies’ new alternative-trading platform. Read the full article here

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