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Overnight trading technology could one day mean the trading day never ends

Some day in the future, the bell signifying the beginning and end of equity trading will ring for the final time, as markets will simply stay open indefinitely. Based on the rapid growth of Blue

Introducing the 2023 TabbFORUM 40 Innovators in Financial Markets

The TabbFORUM 40 honors top innovators in capital markets, leaders whose blend of vision, strategy and execution sets them apart in applying technology for maximum advantage. This second annual list, researched by TabbFORUM Contributing Editor

Blue Ocean ATS Extends into Japan

Blue Ocean Technologies has formed a partnership with Tokyo Stock Exchange as its ATS, which provides overnight trading of US stocks, has experienced a 30-fold increase in volumes this year. Asian investors can trade US

Like Trading Stocks in Your PJs? You’ve Got Options

By Alexander Osipovich, Reporter Interactive Brokers said it has enabled overnight trading in more than 10,000 stocks and exchange-traded funds, the latest step in the direction of 24-hour stock trading by a major retail brokerage. With

TV Tokyo BIZ: 24-Hour Trading Trend

The World is Moving to 24 Hour Trading. CEO Brian Hyndman sat down with TV Tokyo Biz to discuss the move towards 24 hour trading, and how Blue Ocean ATS is helping Asian investors trade

Traders Magazine: Robinhood Launches 24 Hour Market

Robinhood Markets has unveiled 24 Hour Market, which offers retail traders flexibility and access to the markets 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. Speaking on the Robinhood’s Q1 earnings call, Vlad Tenev, CEO

Aju News: Weekly trading of U.S. stocks with a broken monopoly… Securities companies, frantic to serve Seohak ants

Aggressive marketing strategies to attract Seohak ants from domestic securities firms are pouring in one after another. As the exclusive contract between Samsung Securities and Blue Ocean, an American alternative exchange (ATS) expired, it seems to Exclusive contract with Samsung Securities ATS expires… What is the difference between the Seohak ant strategy of the securities company?

Major domestic securities companies are busy catching Seohak ants (domestic investors who invest in foreign stocks). This is because the overseas stock market still has the potential to expand customers compared to the domestic stock market,

Newspim: Korea Investment & Securities Mirae Asset Securities won the 11th Capital Market Grand Prize

Korea Investment & Securities, which received the Financial Services Commission Chairman’s Award, is the first Korean securities company to introduce a service that allows investors to invest in over 1,000 stocks, ETFs, and REITs listed Where to buy Tesla stock… U.S. weekly trading securities companies ‘hot’ competition

As Samsung Electronics' exclusive contract for weekly trading of US stocks has been lifted, domestic securities companies are launching services. With the recent emergence of a 24-hour stock trading service, the service for investors to trade

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