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Don Madura

Don Madura

Senior Advisor

Don is a Board Member at Blue Ocean Technologies, LLC. (BOT) responsible for data, commercialization of content, and firm-wide management and administration.  He also is a board member of directors of Blue Ocean Technologies, LLC (BOT).  He is fully committed to providing market data as a low cost, highly productive asset to be deployed in an easily compliant manner.


Don is the founder of Madura Associates, Inc. (MAI), a New York-based international market data and trading services consulting firm established in 1990.   MAI is widely recognized as a leading global market data consultancy providing comprehensive market data content strategy, market data sourcing, optimization, and compliance management solutions. Over the past thirty-five years, Don has been widely recognized as a leading expert in direct to source strategies, distributed architectures, enterprise data solutions, commercialization of content and international market information.  His efforts have provided clients with increased productivity from market data sources and dramatically lower incremental cost structures with more than $500 million in annual run rate reductions for all his clients and corporate affiliations.  He has provided consulting services to over forty (45) leading buy and sell-side organizations.


Don has also worked in a variety of leadership positions in the corporate and consulting environments. His prior corporate affiliations include Citi, the New York Stock Exchange, Standard & Poors/Telekurs, and Reuters Information Services where he was the architect of industry-leading data feeds and related platform services.


In 2008, Don took a hiatus from his consulting practice to lead the market data efforts at Citi. As Managing Director. Global Head of Market Data, and member of Expense Management operating committee, Don was directly responsible for Citi’s global market data strategies, including its innovative direct to source and administrative optimization efforts.  For these initiatives, Don and his team received the Inside Market Data Innovation Awards in 2010 and 2011.  On August 25, 2010, Don rang the opening bell at NYSE on behalf of Citi in recognition of changing the industry approach to Exchange administration.  In addition, Don and team reduced Citi’s market data spend by over 40% during this period while increasing productivity from services utilized.


Don graduated from Drexel University with an MBA in finance and operations research. He is a regular speaker at industry events (including recently chairing a panel on FinTech at World Financial conference) and a collaborator in industry leading initiatives.  He is also a certified and ICF accredited executive coach. Don is an avid traveler, biker and boater.

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