“With so many Asian companies now listed on U.S. exchanges, and investors needing access to U.S. liquidity, it’s exciting to bring greater transparency to our customers throughout the region.”

Intercontinental Exchange has announced that Blue Ocean Technologies’ real-time data feed for U.S. equities trading during Asian business hours will be available on the ICE Consolidated Feed.

This offering combines Blue Ocean ATS’ real-time after hours market data with the global reach and distribution of the ICE Consolidated Feed and connectivity.

The Blue Ocean ATS offers trading access to U.S. National Market System stocks between the hours of 8:00 pm and 4:00 am ET. This matches the most active trading period in Asia, providing an “exchange-like” experience for global investors with electronic order-delivery and live market data. The Blue Ocean ATS real-time data feed will now be available over the ICE Consolidated Feed, which aggregates cross-asset content from over 600 global sources, including exchanges and over-the-counter venues.


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