Blue Ocean End of Year Letter PDF Link

January 4, 2023

To Our Clients, Partners & Investors,

As the year comes to an end, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for a productive and successful 2022. Our progress throughout the year is based on the relationships we have built with our valued clients, subscribers, partners, and investors along with the commitment and dedication of our team.

This was a pivotal year for Blue Ocean Technologies as we validated and executed upon our strategy, which underscored the importance of evolving US trading hours beyond legacy US stock exchange hours. We are motivated by our progress and our ability to provide global investors with access to the largest capital markets in the world for the very first time. As the only trading system to offer this capability, we are proud to have enabled investors to better manage risk, which overseas investors have experienced for years by not being able to trade during Asia-Pacific normal business hours.

2022 kicked-off with a strategic partnership with Samsung Securities, which cemented our presence in South Korea and provided visibility to our services, connectivity, and data. We continue to drive new users globally to participate in trading US equities and our goal is to grow our expansion within the entire Asia-Pacific region.

To date, we have experienced an average 37% month over month increase and are optimistic about our future traction. Our expansion was due in large part to partnerships with connectivity and data providers such as TNS, Broadridge, NYFIX, Refinitiv, Activ Financial, Intercontinental Exchange, Raptor Trading Systems and we have a strong pipeline in 2023 both in the US and overseas.

Blue Ocean Technologies’ “as the sun rises strategy” continues to resonate with international traders and investors. We are convinced that the extended trading hours benefits all investors bringing efficiency, transparency, data, and more execution choices from 8:00 pm EST-4:00 am EST. We are encouraged by the momentum among the retail and active trading space and are excited to continue to partner with all of you to expand the overnight segment to drive the 24-hour global equities trading sector.

Furthermore, we are committed to resolving data, clearing, corporate action and other implications this new segment is creating for the industry. As the innovator within this space, we remain focused on driving these issues to the forefront and look forward to hearing from you on these and other related topics.

Lastly, on behalf of our entire team, we wish you and your families a wonderful holiday season. May you have a prosperous 2023 filled with good health and good fortune.


Brian Hyndman
CEO, Blue Ocean Technologies