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Global network and Infrastructure-as-a-Service pioneer Transaction Network Services (TNS) today announced a partnership with Blue Ocean Technologies (BOT), owner and operator of the Blue Ocean ATS, a global alternative trading system (ATS) that operates from 8pm to 4am EDT.

Blue Ocean ATS will leverage TNS’ robust network backbone and dark fiber to accommodate its increasing traffic, automated connectivity, and rapid global growth. Last October, Blue Ocean Technologies implemented its vision within the capital markets industry with the launch of the Blue Ocean ATS, one of the first platforms to provide real-time access and US stock trading capabilities to investors who want to trade outside of traditional US stock exchange hours of operation.

TNS’ private cloud-based, ultra-low latency network ensures connectivity and compliance for investors across multi-national regulatory environments. For Blue Ocean ATS, this provides additional security and compliance coverage and overcomes the narrow limitations of pre- and post-market US capital exchange engagement for brokers, dealers and market makers around the world.

“Investors across all time zones want to capitalize on real-time market developments, and TNS’ infrastructure provides the touchpoints, orchestration resilience, and international connectivity – especially in Asia Pacific,” said BOT Chief Operating Officer and CIO Matthew Horisk. “TNS has access around the world, the ability to adapt to new regulations, and the disaster recovery redundancy capabilities to grow our business.”

Liquidity and price discovery, missing from previous overnight trading solutions, are now possible utilizing the TNS network and managed service platform. Security of the private network and its access to all public clouds, uniformity of compliance and regulatory oversight, redundancy and recovery capabilities, plus the localized customer service around the world made TNS the best candidate for this major step in Blue Ocean Technologies’ growth.

“The investment community’s growing demand for round-the-clock stock trading has been held back by concerns about low liquidity and limited network capabilities,” said Rick Gilbody, Head of North America Sales, for TNS’ Financial Markets. “With the Blue Ocean platform hosted and cloud-enabled across the global TNS backbone, this is a true paradigm shift with the launch of real-time, industrial-grade trading on Blue Ocean’s ATS.”

TNS brings together over 2,800 financial community endpoints, supported by a global, 125-strong point-of-presence footprint. Specifically designed and engineered to address the needs of financial market participants worldwide, TNS offers a range of connectivity, colocation, cloud, market data and VPN solutions within its Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) portfolio. Its solutions are monitored 24x7x365 by TNS’ Network Operations Centers in the US, UK, Australia and Malaysia. For further information, visit